About Me

I was 8 when we moved from England to Belgium, by that time my father already had a few classic cars including two 1936 Riley Sprites. Once we were settled in Belgium he started racing one of the Sprites.
That led to us buying a 1961 Lotus 20/22 that I restored and he raced.
I studied Mechanical Engineering at UMIST in Manchester, after which I went to work with an F3000 team - a contact there led to me restoring cars, starting with a Lotus 23 followed by a 22 and so on.
Since then we've had a wide variety of cars from a 1927 Bugatti Type 37A through a variety of F1 cars and some sports cars up to the Tyrrell 026 that I located for Riccardo Rosset.
Highlights include the 1952 Cooper MG, KOY500, that my much missed friend Simon Diffey drove to an amazing 6th place at Monaco in 2008.
Simon was also particularly associated with our 1955 Connaught B-type F1 car, that he drove regularly.

Peter Morley

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