1963 Lotus 27

For the final year of Formula Junior, Lotus produced the monocoque 27.
27s were the most sophisticated Juniors but did have some inherent faults, originally they were built with fibreglass outer skins to reduce costs, however these would become flexible and were subsequently replaced with aluminium skins like the F1 25s. The front bulkhead would flex and pinch the steering rack! Their small size would also be a problem for some drivers - such as Bob Burnard who won a Lotus 27 in a Veedol sponsored competition.
Following a crash at the end of 1963 Bob Burnard had his car repaired and sold it to Mike Knight who tested it at Brands Hatch in 1964 and didn't like the way the steering tightened as the front bulkhead flexed!!
Around 1969 Reg Price & his schoolfriend John McLean bought the suspension etc from a crashed Lotus 27, they used them to build a Clubmans car called the ASTAP. Originally running a Ford 1600, they built a second ASTAP for 1972, which this time featured a turbo charged engine while retaining the Lotus 27 components.
I believe the 27 remains they bought were from the Bob Burnard/Mike Knight car.
I've now had the parts restored by Peter Denty and will hopefully have the car running in 2023.

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Bob Burnard

Having won his Lotus 27 in a Veedol sponsored competition Bob Burnard, found it rather a tight fit and was frustrated by a lack of support from Lotus.

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ASTAP turbo

John McLean driving the turbocharged ASTAP at Mallory in 1972. This was the revised version built by Reg Price when  Clubmans rules allowed turbos. Thanks to Jeff Bloxham for this photo.

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Reg Price took over the ASTAP and continued to develop it. Seen here at a Lydden sprint in 1977, with front wings from a Rob Walker Lotus F1.

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2022 Restoration

Following restoration by Peter Denty I now have an almost complete Lotus 27 kit ready to assemble!

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